6 Fire Safety Tips For Your Home

Home fires often start and spread with rapid and overwhelming ferocity, especially in environments that are not fireproofed. Prevention is always better than a traumatic and unfortunate experience, therefore it is important to implement fire safety precautions to ensure that both your family and home are protected from potential fire disasters’. Here are six tips to improve your fire safety.

1. Always have a plan: A Fire is one of the most terrifying experiences that one can endure – but having a well-rehearsed fire escape plan can be very beneficial. Firstly, map out the fastest escape route that your family can use through your home. Educate your kids to feel a door for warmth before they open it, as a hot door usually means a fire is close to the other side. Remember, should any part of you catch fire, “stop, drop and roll” and never, under any circumstances, go back in for anything

2. Cook with caution: Stovetops are proven to be one of the most common causes of house fires. Stay in the kitchen if you’re cooking and avoid leaving the stove unattended too. Other important cooking safety tips to remember would be to stay alert, and avoid cooking if you are sleepy or if you have consumed alcohol; check food regularly; and keep anything that can catch fire away from the stove-top.

3. Examine your Extinguisher: The best way forward would be to determine if you and your family know how to use the fire extinguisher, if not, online tutorials would be a great start! It would also be in your best interest to pick out a more central spot for the extinguisher, in the case of an emergency.

4. Consider Flame Retardant Application: Flame retardants play a unique role in fire prevention and fire safety. They not only prevent fires from starting, but if a fire does occur; applying flame retardant to fabrics and fibers can greatly reduce the risk of flame spread and strengthens the possibility for a safe escape.

5. Prevent sparks from flying: Preventable electrical problems are indeed a common concern. Always ensure that your home wiring does not run under rugs or attached by nails. It’s important to remember to not overload power outlets with too many devices; use extension cords and wires that are intact, not damaged or frayed.

6. Pay attention to space heaters
It’s important to keep all space heaters at least three feet from household items as heating systems such as, space heaters and wooden stoves can easily ignite nearby items. Put a reminder to turn off heaters before leaving a room or going to sleep and never leave pets or children unsupervised with a space heater or wooden stove.

We at Flame Resist understand the concerns of home owners, facility managers, business owners and fire departments. Should you need assistance with; flame retardant application, fire escape planning, fire drills, fire safety awareness and education – our team of experts will be more than happy to recommend cost-effective solutions that will bring you in compliance with the Ontario Fire Code.