FLAME RESIST INC. began with people sharing a passion for fire safety and people who strive to create an awareness of the risks associated with uncontrolled fires in living environments and communities.

We focus on fire prevention and use automatic fire suppression systems and fire retardant treatments of fabric to extinguish developing fires. This not only buys more time for escape but also prevents destruction of property and infrastructure.

The creation of safe living spaces and environments demonstrates our complete devotion to these important aspects. We will protect it as if it were our own. “This is the energy that sets us apart”!


Corrie Boshoff

Corrie focuses on creating an awareness of the risk of fires and the devastating impacts on vulnerable communities. He also highlights the unintentional non-compliance with the Fire Codes in respect to fiber and fabric.

He meets with stakeholders, agencies and communities to find and propose innovative and practical solutions to prevent death and destruction due to fire.