Automatic fire suppression is a system that can detect and extinguish, or contain a fire without having to rely on human intervention. In its simplest form, these systems have a means of detection, actuation and delivery.

Guardian Fire Shield™

Flame Resist Inc is an authorized seller/installer/service provider of the Guardian Fire Shield Automatic Fire Suppression Device

What is the Guardian Fire Shield™?

The Guardian Fire Shield™ is a revolutionary fire suppression safety device that automatically fights dangerous fires in your home, vacation property or business.

It is proven to protect families, provide valuable extra seconds to evacuate and reduce fire and water damage.

Each Guardian Fire Shield™ unit provides effective fire suppression to a 16′ x 16′ area.

Guardian Fire Shield™ can protect your loved ones and your valuables for up to 10 years (not including battery replacement and being replaced due to activation). The Guardian Fire Shield™ should be serviced at 5 yr. intervals, with the unit being replaced on the 10th yr. for re-certification. A nominal fee will apply.

Installation couldn’t be easier: a 5″ hole can be cut with a regular handheld keyhole saw, and the Guardian Fire Shield™ slides easily into this hole between floor joists.

Operating independently, the Guardian Fire Shield™ can be placed virtually anywhere for added protection, without expensive plumbing or installation costs.