One of the first steps of awareness is to identify the extent of the problem and then to highlight the plight of vulnerable communities.

Create awareness in:

  • Governments
  • At risk communities
  • Aid agencies/NGO’s

Recent Fires

  • In March 2021, a massive fire ripped through Camp Nine in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, leaving 40,000 Rohingya refugees homeless and without food. At least 429 people are missing, and 563 were injured. 
  • Approximately 10,000 people were left homeless in Bangladesh’s capital city, Dhaka, after a fire burned through hundreds of shanties in a slum on Friday night, 2019.
  • In 2017, a fire in the Imizamo Yethu settlement in Cape Town killed four people, destroyed nearly 2,200 homes, displaced 9,700 residents, and resulted in a loss equivalent to nearly $7 million.
  • A massive fire swept through a crowded shanty town near the docks in Manila, destroying houses and leaving 15,000 people homeless, 2017.
  • And there are many more….
Day in Photos: August 11, 2017