Great Automatic Launching Fire Extinguisher for Kitchens

We all know how quickly an accident can happen. This is no exception for kitchens! If you are safety minded, you most likely have a fire extinguisher nearby your stove in case of a fire accident. However, what if you are injured or incapable of getting and using your fire extinguisher in the emergency? That is why we advocate for an even better solution: an automatic launching fire extinguisher for kitchens.

automatic launching fire extinguisher for kitchens

Kitchen Fires

NFPA (National Fire Prevention Agency) stats show that the top cause for home fires is in kitchens where people are cooking food!

Cooking was the leading cause of reported home fires and home fire injuries in 2015-2019 and the second leading cause of home fire deaths. Cooking caused 49 percent of reported home fires, 20 percent of reported home fire deaths, and 42 percent of home fire injuries.

This should shock us all.

The two main reasons that cause fires to begin in kitchens is:

  • unattended cooking
  • faulty kitchen appliances

Unattended Cooking

In our busy lives, it is easy to get distracted by situations that grab our attention. This happens especially when cooking. This is dangerous because it takes our attention away from cooking for longer than intended. A mistake that can have devastating consequences. Unattended cooking equipment causes 47% of the kitchen fires, 20% of the civilian deaths, and 45% of the injuries.

Faulty Kitchen Appliances

Faulty appliances is a part of our modern day. This happens more than you think.

Over 22% of non-residential fires are electrical fires, caused by short circuits or wiring problems

22% seems minor, but what if you are in the 22%?

firemen fighting big flames of fire

Stovetop fire

Cooking equipment is a helpful part of our daily lives. Who knew such a good thing can also be so dangerous? According to the Wallflower, Electric stoves have a 2.5 times higher risk of causing a fire compared to gas stoves. Their article “The Scary Risk of Unattended Cooking and Home Fires” also state that United States fire departments respond to a home fire every 24 seconds.

Take that in for a moment.

Every 24 seconds, the fire department responds to a home fire.

A home on fire.

Did that sink in?

This is happening far more than we would like to come to accept. However, the facts remain. Home fires happen. And they happen often.

Let’s talk about what we can do to change these stats for better.

Let’s change fire stats

You most likely have a fire extinguisher in your home nearby your stove. That’s a great start!

However, when a kitchen fire develops, time is of the essence. Time is key to contain the fire. If you can stop a fire within the first 30 seconds, you could stop a house fire!

So, when you have a fire emergency, here are some points to consider about your usual fire extinguisher:

  • Fire extinguishers can be used to put out small fires in kitchens but are not always that effective.
  • They are normally placed close to the stove, but during an emergency can be out of reach
  • Or worse, you may be incapable to access it if you are injured
  • You need to physically activate it, and many kitchen fires happen because of unattended cooking
  • Emergencies can cause anxiety and shock that inhibit you from acting when you see a pot on fire on the stove. When you don’t know what to do to stop the first in a split second, this uncertainty allows the fire to become out of control.
  • When a cooking fire develops the kitchen fills with smoke very quickly. The smoke will make it very difficult to find the fire extinguisher.

The solution: an automatic launching fire extinguisher for kitchens

Yes friends, this is the way we are going to change stats about kitchen fires.

An automatic fire extinguisher has great advantages when it comes to kitchen fires:

  • it activates without human intervention
  • automatically activates at a specific elevated temperature
  • automatically extinguishes the fire
  • stops unattended kitchen and cooking fires are
  • prohibits kitchen fires from getting out of control

That is why we recommend the Guardian Fire Shield! It is the best automatic launching fire extinguisher for kitchens on the market! We took on this product because our main business is making spaces fire save to save lives.

When you get the Guardian Fire Shield for your kitchen, you can rest assured that when you are not present your home is safe. Better yet, your loved ones are safe. This is an invaluable asset.

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