Fire Protection for your home and investment property.


The Guardian Fire Shield™ was independently tested to provide effective fire suppression in an area of approximately 16′ x 16′.

The heat-activated trigger means the Guardian Fire Shield™ will not discharge in the presence of smoke. It must be extremely hot (ie. a real fire) in order for the unit to automatically discharge.

Unlike water suppression systems, the dry-chem agent in the Guardian Fire Shield™ does not cause extensive damage when discharged.

The non-toxic, dry-chem agent used in the Guardian Fire Shield™ is safe when discharged, as it is essentially a form of baking soda.

The super-fine ABC dry-chem agent inside the Guardian Fire Shield™ cleans up easily with a vacuum in the event of a discharge.

Guardian Fire Shield™ can protect your loved ones and your valuables for 10 years (not including battery replacement and being replaced due to activation). Guardian Fire Shield™ should be serviced at 5 year intervals for a nominal fee. The unit should be replaced on the 10th year for re-certification.

The Guardian Fire Shield™ comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Since cold temperatures won’t affect performance, the Guardian Fire Shield™ is perfect for use in outbuildings of all kinds (sheds, barns, garages etc.). No power is required to activate or maintain the Guardian Fire Shield™ .

Manufactured with Certified Components. Different materials can produce different types of flame and therefore, different temperatures. For example, a house fire often begins as a single, small flame from a stovetop in a kitchen.

It takes as little as 30 seconds for a tiny flame to become a raging fire that you can’t get under control and that fire may take just a couple more minutes to become fully life-threatening.

The Guardian Fire Shield™ activates at 57 degrees.