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  • Great Automatic Launching Fire Extinguisher for Kitchens
    We all know how quickly an accident can happen. This is no exception for kitchens! If you are safety minded, you most likely have a fire extinguisher nearby your stove in case of a fire accident. However, what if you are injured or incapable of getting and using your fire extinguisher in the emergency? That…
  • 5 Fire Safety Tips For Landlords
    10 Tips On How To Prevent Workplace Fire According to recent studies, people who live in rented or shared accommodation are seven times more likely to fall victim to a fire. The Ontario Landlords Association has repeatedly emphasized to landlords how important it is to make fire safety a priority in your rental properties. Therefore,…
  • 10 Tips On How To Prevent Workplace Fire
    10 Tips On How To Prevent Workplace Fire Fire Safety is of great importance in any building. As a business owner, you’re responsible for ensuring that your workplace meets all required health and safety standards. Therefore it is crucial that your working environment complies with all building regulations and fire codes, to ensure the safety…
  • 6 Fire Safety Tips For Your Home
    Home fires often start and spread with rapid and overwhelming ferocity, especially in environments that are not fireproofed. Prevention is always better than a traumatic and unfortunate experience, therefore it is important to implement fire safety precautions to ensure that both your family and home are protected from potential fire disasters’. Here are six tips…

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