Risk of Flame Spread

Many Care Facilities and Hospitality Industry Operators are not aware that the Fire Code requires that all soft materials (for example drapery, curtains and furniture) in care rooms, assembly areas, access to exits, lobbies, exits and open plan areas must meet and maintain a high degree of flame resistance.

Flame proofing of materials must be renewed periodically, and even materials made to be flameproof collect dust over time that burns. The Fire Code demands flame proofing be “renewed as often as required to ensure the material will pass the requirements of CAN/ULC – S109, “Flame Test of Flame Resistant Fabrics and Films”.

Furthermore, Fire Prevention Officers may not always explicitly inspect these areas for compliance with the code.  This void means you may be unintentionally in breach of  Fire Codes, and at a higher risk of flame spreading in a fire, something your risk management practices do not allow.