Inherent Fire Retardant Fabric

Fire retardant fabric and fiber are non-flammable or does not burn easily. Inherent fire retardant fabric such as tightly knit wool, Kevlar, glass, and PVC composite, does not burn due to the structure of the fiber.  However, it is important  to note that all fabric and fiber does burn at some point.

Chemically Treated Fabric

Chemically treated fabric and fiber have been coated with a fire resistant chemical.  There are many types of chemical fire retardant products available with many different applications. Washing and cleaning of chemically treated fabric reduce the fire retardancy of the fabric.

Types of fire retardants:

  • Brominated fire retardants
  • Chlorinated fire retardants
  • Phosphorus-containing fire retardants
  • Nitrogen-containing fire retardants
  • Inorganic fire retardants