Areas of Specialization

Report & Recommendations

A Risk Management report with a clear indication of areas of Compliance, Non-Compliance and Risks is provided. This report will also make recommendations on steps to obtain and maintain compliance.

Flame Test

A Field Flame Test is performed on samples of the fabric to determine the flame spread rating.  Samples are tested for flashing, after-flame, after-glow and length of char. Tests are conducted on site in a safe area.

Fabric Investigation

We do fabric investigations to determine type.  We look at the soil load, marks, tears, age, hanging environment and any other conditions of importance. Cleaning history records and cleaning methodology are noted.

Facility Inspection

Inspection of facility and identification of all Assembly Occupancies. List all fabric, furniture and fixtures referred to in the Fire Code.

Deep Cleaning of Fabric

We clean fabric and fiber to remove all dust, grime and dirt before fire retardant application. No job is to big for us.

Flame Retardant Application

We apply flame retardant to fabric and fiber to reduce the risk of flame spread.

Satisfied Client

It is our highest aim that our clients are exceedingly proud of the work done and feel satisfied with our service.